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Welcome to McLaughlin Human Capital Management

Company Vision

McLaughlin Human Capital Management aims to help clients use Human Capital Management technology and HCM programs with business analytics to optimize their organizational competencies and achieve business success in a continual process of organization improvement.


McLaughlin HCM provides services in the areas of:

  • Organization Performance Improvement: KPIs, Organization Competencies and Organization and Talent Development
  • HCM Technology: strategy, selection, implementation, maximizing actionable information
  • HCM Analytics: workforce effectiveness, productivity, ROI, HCM costs, HR Metrics
  • Total Rewards: compensation, performance management and benefits

McLaughlin HCM provides a unique approach to an organization’s challenges by making a direct connection between business results, organizational competencies and human capital programs. We identify and measure key business outcomes (KPIs, Key Performance Indicators) that are accomplished by organizational competencies and then assist in selecting and implementing HR programs to increase these competencies. We then re-measure the KPIs to create a continuous cycle of organization improvement. We also calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of each Human Resources Capital investment in relation to its effectiveness in improving competencies.