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Organizational Competencies

What are Organizational Competencies?

Organizational competencies are collective skills, abilities, behaviors, knowledge and attitudes of the organization. They are human competencies and therefore, changeable. There are hundreds of possible organizational competencies that can be measured individually, as a team or as an organization. Under-developed Organizational Competencies can be improved; also, the more specific the Organization Competencies are identified the more relevant and specific the HCM programs can be selected and implemented.

Sample General Organizational Competencies

  • Change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Decision making
  • Innovation - services or products
  • Strategy and planning
  • Market visioning
  • Execution of plans
  • Communication skills of leaders
  • Creating a positive reputation
  • Integration of technology with strategy
  • Collaboration within and with externals
  • Marketing - creativity, customer knowledge
  • Accountability - clear goals, authority, process for measuring
  • Focus - keeping organization on targets
  • Team Work - maximizing human capital

Sample Specific Competencies for a Non-Profit Organization

  • Developing community leadership models
  • Establishing social infrastructure processes
  • Teaching administrative details
  • Supporting peer learning groups and networks
  • Managing complex new initiatives
  • Linking community needs with resources
  • Networking with agencies
  • Consulting to new organizations
  • Grant management
  • Grant writing
  • Delivering services on time
  • Creating new community services
  • Overcoming cross silo communication
  • Applying historical context for a client to an issue