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Human Capital Management Programs

What is a Human Capital Management Program?

A program that results in changes in the skills, abilities, behaviors, attitudes or knowledge of the organizational workforce.

Based on the competency needed to achieve the organization's KPIs a combination of HCM programs are developed, implemented, evaluated and repeated if necessary to ensure skills, understandings, new knowledge, new attitudes are incorporated. Skilled HCM staff are necessary to determine the specific HCM programs to implement based on research and experience.

Sample Human Capital Management Programs

  • Workforce analysis & planning
  • Goal setting & prioritization
  • Performance management program linked to goals
  • Linking customer feedback to competencies
  • Team and organization communication
  • Improving teamwork
  • Implementing competency models
  • Improved recruiting/staffing
  • Training-Leadership, technical, project management
  • Performance management and setting goals
  • Rewards program specific to issues
  • Organization development-values clarification, productivity, feedback process
  • Succession planning-identify key positions, key individuals, contingencies
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