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Organization Performance Improvement

The Organization Performance Model provides a unique approach to an organization’s challenges by making a direct connection between business results, organizational competencies and human capital programs.

process diagram
KPIs- Identify Key Performance Indicators of business outcomes
  • Collaboratively with the client identify the KPIs for the organization
  • Prioritize the KPIs based on business impact
  • Develop a numerical measure for these KPIs
  • Collect data to measure these KPIs including creating customized surveys for customer groups or conducting organizational research from previous studies. This data will establish the current KPI baseline.
  • Analyze and prioritize the numerical data and organize written comments from the customer surveys and other sources.
Organizational Competencies
  • Based on the most critical KPIs determine the organizational competencies most needed to be improved to achieve higher KPI scores.
  • Consultant will provide collaborative guidance in linking specific skills, abilities, behaviors, and knowledge to successful business outcomes creating a matrix for workforce development
Human Capital Management
  • Identify and implement specific HCM programs to maximize increases in needed organizational competencies. HCM programs include a variety of programs, including employee selection and orientation, comprehensive training and development activities including –technical skills, communication and team skills, leadership skills, customer relations and consulting skills, etc., performance management, employee counseling, organizational design, etc. Some programs can be completed by in house staff or by the consultant and some with external assistance.
Re-Measure KPIs
  • At a reasonable interval (i.e. 6-12 months) when the client has had time to implement most of the identified HCM programs and the workforce has assimilated the new skills and knowledge from these programs we re-measure the customers' satisfaction including product or service innovation and review the specific various data points that show the new measure of the KPIs.
  • The difference between the original KPI measures and latest measures will show what improvement has been made by the organization in mastering the needed competencies to increase the KPIs.
  • This process of measuring, confirming the organizational competencies needed and identifying and implementing specific HCM programs and then re-measuring is a reiterative process for continued organizational improvement.