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HCM Analytics and Metrics

Now that a system is in place, how do you extract the right and most useful information? We help you determine what information you need to make the most of your investment. See an overview of the steps of the process here.


Standard Human Capital Metrics

McLaughlin HCM will help your organization develop standard metrics as well as highly customized metrics to gain insight into the major problems in HCM and workforce planning.

Creating the Business Case for Analytics
  • The challenge of measuring organizational performance
  • Going beyond standard HR metrics
  • Linking business performance data and workforce metrics
  • Getting buy in from the top
Creating, Displaying, Analyzing and Action Planning for Basic HR Metrics
  • Establishing basic hr metrics for all human capital management areas
  • Integrating all basic hr data to assess overall workforce capabilities
  • Developing historical perspectives, competitive benchmarks
  • Creating or reviewing hcm dashboards to visually present key trends
  • Developing and implementing action plans to improve troublesome trends
Measuring the ROI of Human Capital Investments
  • Selecting the most important programs to evaluate
  • Determining the value of ROI indicators
  • Calculating the cost of the HCM investment
  • Determining the short and long term ROI of HCM investments