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Human Capital Management Technology

Effective use of technology is a pre-requisite to strategic business success. We provide the full range of services from the Strategic Planning Phase through Project Management and Administration of new technology improvement initiatives.

Strategic and Assessment Phase
  • Analysis of HR and Company Strategy and the scope of technology needed to implement these strategies
  • Audit of current HR systems and processes and prioritization of needed changes
  • Presentation of the current state of the art technologies available in HR systems
Creating the Business Case
  • Develop the business case for new technology
  • Develop the ROI analysis of new technology
Deciding on the System
  • Analysis of potential vendors based on determined client needs
  • Prepare complete RFP or basic requirements document for new technology based on client needs and budget
  • Determine appropriate vendors
  • Coordinate vendor demonstrations and evaluation
  • Coordinate vendor selection/contracting and or outsourcing coordination
Implementing the new system/Project Management
  • Project planning and management in collaboration with client
  • Implementation management from start to finish
  • Activation/integration of system modules and training of client
  • Implementation of system administration setup and security
  • Establish data distribution methods--i.e., Employee and Manager Self Service planning, workflow, report system, analytics and dashboards
System Administration
  • Ongoing management of the security, addition of new users, creation of new user profiles or training staff to assume these tasks.
  • Development of a report schedule to provide HR information to identified stakeholders.
  • Create policy and strategy for development of new reports that reflect organization changes.